Fur Remodel

Do not dispose of your used or inherited fur coats or jackets. This long time mississauga fur studio will bring new life to them. For example below is a reversible mink that was sheared with a water resistant material. Also an After and Before picture of a Mink Coat that was transformed into a sheared mink jacket. The last picture is the body of a coat that I was transforming into a new style. I have samples in my showroom to show customers what I can do with their old discarded Mink Coats. The reason they are discarded is because they aren't stylish. They aren't made for practical purposes. There just discarded.

There are so many possibilites and with the help of Bazinas Furs they will be able to transform your old coat which you are not wearing into something that you will wear.

The recycled garment would be light weight if sheared. There are finishing touches such as linings and buttons that you as a customer can choose. This will enable you create a piece that you will enjoy.

Knitted Fur can be transformed from your old fur coat as well. Knitted with or without lining.

For a free consultation do not hesitate to arrange an appointment free of charge to discuss the possibilities to transfrom your fur garment. Canada was built by the fur industry. It is part of canadas history, being part of this great country we call canada and we are proud to see you wear a part of history.