Cold Fur Storage

This information has been prepared to help you protect your precious fur investment. Proper care during the both the winter season and storage season, as well as having fully qualified furriers work on your furs insures longer wear from your beautiful garment.
A fine, well-cared-for fur will give many years of lasting pleasure. Only if you make cold storage and expert cleaning a yearly habit can you be certain that your furs will have the longest possible life.

Fur Storage Schedule
At the first signs of spring, send your furs to us for scientifically controlled cold storage in spacious vaults. At Bazinas Furs, your fur garment undergoes an inspection for needed repairs, maintains constant temperature and humidity control, and includes insurance coverage protection from the fire and theft while in our possession. We are ULC certified which means Underwriter Laboratories Certified for secured vaults. The vaults use special refrigerant machines that are specifically meant for fur storage.

Air conditioning VS Fur Storage
Air conditioning is meant to keep a house cool. It isn't meant to take care of your furs.

Bazinas Fur Storage Vaults
Are temperature controlled and the units that are used or meant for refrigerating purposes. This means the temperature is a lot colder than 72*. The temperature of our vaults are around 50*.

Just like cigars need a special humidor. Furs need storage. You ever notice in the summer hardwood floors dry up and bend. Its because the environment they are in isn't suited for the floors.

These are analogies because the same thing goes with the furs. You don't see the problems on the outside its the leather side which causes problems over time. The skins can dry out and rip easily if not stored on the regular basis.