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E. Bazinas Furs Inc; Trade Name Bazinas Furs

In 1982, Terry Bazinas along side his wife opened Bazinas Furs in Port Credit. a European trained furrier, understanding the value of dedicated customer service, Terry and along with his wife a wealth of experience.
Treasure of knowledge, becoming a furrier is a cultural legacy that takes decades to transmit from a seasoned master to a young talent. Bazinasí founders faced the importance to safeguard the Bazinas tradition with a bold intuition. Teach all aspects to becoming a master craftsman and people will appreciate the fine details in a finished garment. Because of these infatuations
to detail the BAZINAS' LABEL is synonymous with QUALITY first and foremost. It is IMPORTANT to understand not every garment is the same. If this statement is true than how can two custom made garments be the same? To specialize in custom fitted luxury outerwear in this day and age is unheard of. Or is it? Fabrics are selected personally by Fotis Bazinas from the same places that top design houses of the world that buy their fabrics. The fabrics are shown personally from the next generation artisan Fotis Bazinas from Bazinas Furs. He assures when you are buying a personalized made garment that the best fabrics are used. The proof is in the quality assurance and comparison of fabrics. He presents to each and every customer different qualities of materials. Which represents honesty, respect and a relationship built with the customer. When a decision has been made to go forward and make a custom made piece. With an ethical and artisanal mission a garment made by a trained Master Craftsperson speaks volumes. It is imbued with the belief that a meaningful future comes from the transmission of a deep-rooted heritage. BAZINAS' ensures that the label he sews on each custom made piece speaks volumes. This is why BAZINAS FURS continues to create because of the customers that built the name.

Bazinas Furs is an Independent business. When you shop here you must understand you are dealing directly with the owner/operator. The name means nothing as much as the experience of the person operating the business. Since 1982 this Design Studio has excelled at what it specializes in making outerwear.

Bazinas Furs is located in Port Credit.

Canada historically speaking was built by the Fur Industry. People in the beginning were hesitant to come to Canada because there was not many industries. Fur industry was a huge importance to Canada for a long time. All major banks, many universities and many cities were started because of the fur industry. Each city began as a trading post across the country.
Fur was an integral part of Canada's economy for over 350 years. Being part of an industry that has such deep roots in Canada is why people immigrate here. For a better life, a better opportunity and a better future.

Today the industry is part of history and Canada historically is one of the best countries in the world. So Bazinas Furs is proud to be part of Canada's heritage. as Canada is part of Bazinas Furs.

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